no cussing in holy city!

funny faces, how i love thee.

yesterday was spent with a few of my great loves in the mountains of my upbringing, and i cannot imagine any better saturday. sometimes i wonder if i will ever be able to stay gone from my hometown longer than a few months. it’s pretty difficult to resist a meers burger and the wichita’s, even in the middle of istanbul or some other exotic place.

as a kid who began the first pages of countless journals with a short, corny autobiography, i can think of no introduction to explain it all these days. because, truth be told, i’m just now starting to have the desire to search and figure it all out for myself. in high school i devoted many an hour to writing online, but college has depleted a great deal of that composing fervor. so who knows, maybe between cramming for civ tests and keeping up with my frantic schedule, this little blog will reclaim its rightful spot in my life. i love sitting down to read over all my old notebooks and scraps of reflection, and i realize how foolish it would be to skip over such an important segment of life by not taking a few minutes to jot some things down. do you ever wish you could chronicle all those moments to one day relive them?
these kids are my world.


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One response to “no cussing in holy city!

  1. Addison Eaton

    mmmmmm. Glad to see you have joined the community. love you.

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