behind and before.

You hem me in – behind and before;
You have laid your hand upon me. // psalm 139:5
is this passage not gorgeous? with the many things that have been entangling me in the last few weeks – new responsibilities i’m afraid i cannot adequately handle, the fast pace of classes which leave me in a tailspin many days, and the temptation to allow the enemy to steal my joy with the smallest things – i am so thankful that my eyes fell upon this reassurance. i am bound to Him, both behind and before, and i cannot be snatched away! His hand is upon me, full of blessing and presence even when i am sure He is looking everywhere but in my direction. i know this truth; i believe it. yet i rarely live my days in it. i am giving over my power to my past, convinced i cannot escape it, and i continually seem to forget my satisfaction originates only in Him.
but today is the day that all stops. He has hemmed me in, behind and before. i will plant my feet on this truth. won’t you join me in standing on it too?

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  1. Melissa Joy

    Beautiful Taylor… beautiful Taylor! I love you.

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