queen-sized love.

my sister’s beautiful, gargantuan home in edmond allows me to call a queen sized bed my own for breaks and weekends – and boy, was i relishing it last night, y’all. at 10:45, after soundly slumbering for almost one precious hour, i hear my bedroom door softly open.
“i need to go potty. and i need new panties and pajamas. will you take me to the potty and tuck me back in?”
a slight groan from my cozy spot emerges. “okay, babe.”
kaitlyn and i head to her jungle-themed bathroom, take care of business, and retrieve fresh pj’s and dora undies from the dresser.
“can bob sleep in my bed tonight too?”
“sure thing.”
bob, a soft and oversized easter bunny, joins kaitlyn under the flannel covers and gets tucked in as well. kisses and many requests to play duck-duck-goose in the morning ensue – from kaitlyn, of course. not bob. anyway, with a successful retucking under my belt, i return to a warm doze. and at 10:55, i hear my bedroom door softly open once again.
“i can’t sleep. and bob is making it where i can’t sleep.”
“do you want to snuggle with me tonight?
“climb in, babe.”
my own miniature spooning partner makes herself at home in the small of my back, and throughout the night proceeds to slowly push me out of my once seemingly big bed. as the early morning rolls in and sunlight begins to peak through the wooden blinds, my niece begins to wiggle around and demonstrate her awakenness.
“i love you so much, peanut.”
and that, my friends, makes an evening of hanging off the side of a bed with a three-year-old ensuring your position there all worth it. :]



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3 responses to “queen-sized love.

  1. .addison.

    that was probably the sweetest post I’ve ever read. :) you are truly blessed

  2. taylor

    you are so, so right addi. :] i hope you’re having a wonderful break!

  3. Cindy Beall

    Beautifully written. Thanks for taking me there :)

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