it’s true. as of yesterday, i am no longer a teen. :-D and i owe an extravagant and joyous birthday weekend to my dear friends here at obu – and my sweet mama who sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. i cannot wait to snap a photo of it once all of the buds bloom!

well, in case you ever wanted to know what goes on during one’s birthday in our circle of friends, here is the inside look.

a lively bunch at abuelita rosa’s serenaded me friday evening. i could not contain me glee!

kelly and addison are perhaps two of the most precious people i know. after pigging out with jake and some new guy on the baseball team, we retired to watch an andy warhol bio that left us puzzled.

even the colonel decided to get in on the fun.

last night capped off the elaborate weekend, as we cheered on our obu bison at the basketball game, then took over the local chili’s with kelly, addi, moi, sebastien, anastasia, curtis, kyle, katie, and taylor d. [yes, i am aware you know none of these individuals, but listing them like that makes it look like i have an entourage.]
i am so blessed.


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3 responses to “twenty.

  1. Natalie @ I AM (not)

    Oh my gosh girl, your comment made me laugh out loud and for a long time! That was stinkin’ funny!

  2. Abbi

    Looks like you had a great bday! You’re going to LOVE your 20s! :)

  3. D.A.

    Happy B-day Taylor. The twenty’s were great for me if I could remember back that far oh well. Go Bison,Ka-rip. Dirk

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