kitchen courage.

wanna hear a good story?

thought so.
my family is all about reminding one another to “make good choices,” and if you’ve ever heard me talk to my nieces on the telephone, you know this is something my siblings ask me to reaffirm during everyday conversations. in between time-outs and crying episodes over missing any action with a nap, good choices are still a big chunk of their conduct. my girls are so sweet and brilliant, and i couldn’t wait to jot this story down to show you just how valid my bias is. :)
earlier this week, as my sister picked up kaitlyn belle from pre-school, kaitlyn very quickly admitted, “mom, i made a bad choice today. i was mean to emily and wouldn’t share while we were playing at the kitchen.”
my sister, who has always prided herself on talking to kaitlyn in a very mature manner, thanked her for her honesty and explained how important it was to make things right by apologizing to emily the following day.
“but mom, i’m scared.” here is where miss belle apparently had a very grief-stricken expression on her face. sweet girl.
“i know, honey. it’s sometimes hard and scary to ask someone to forgive you, but it’s the right thing to do. you’ll be so proud of yourself when it’s done.”
though it took my sweet girl another day to work up the courage to approach emily at the play-kitchen area, she couldn’t wait to tell her proud mama the results.
“mom! i apologized to emily today! she hugged me and told me, ‘it’s okay – we’re still best friends’!”
oh, to be three years old again and have the world fall into place while playing house. i’m so proud.
what would our lives look like if we weren’t afraid to admit transgression and ask for someone’s forgiveness?



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2 responses to “kitchen courage.

  1. Addison

    Bless her sweet heart. Oh to be that young and innocent again.I agree wholeheartedly. I wish we could like that in more ways than one. love you girl.

  2. mandy

    whew.Well. I think having hearts that cared more for others’ feelings than for our own would make us more repentant….I need that kind of heart.

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