the same power.

last night was beautiful.
i admit, after a year and a half of non-stop serving with three different ministries at, burnout was creeping in. in the middle of worship at switch last night, however, He so graciously reminded me why i do what i do week after week there – to pray over and share my story with students He has entrusted to me. i ache for the future of our church to claim and fully understand that the same power that conquered the grave lives in them, that the Love which rescued the earth resides also in their core. what mountains could be moved if they believed these truths! they are so powerful and are being prepared for such giant feats, and i wish they realized the victory that they possess.
as the message moved toward the subject of purity and heart-mending in light of past mistakes, i just wasn’t sure i could make it. another leader and i held each other, knowing the moment He wanted us to share our stories with the girls in our small groups and spheres of influence was soon coming. i used to fight that, and at times i still do in fear of the judgment which seems to plague our christian culture so heavily. but with my girls, letting go of secrecy’s comfort didn’t compare with communicating the truth that they own the power to overcome an entangling past and the power to change their future. [and yes, i’m aware that all of this sounds very life coach-esque. :)]
see? this is why i just can’t give up that servin’ stuff. it breaks me, pushes me, and asks me to rearrange my life almost daily – and i fear who i might be if i didn’t let Him take over my pretty little schedule like that. =)


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