the thursday thirty, issue seven.

my roommate kelly is currently threatening my life if i do not post the following. i am being forced to type kind words about her; she will beat me if i fail to do so.
juuuust kidding. :) these are 30 things i adore about my roommate.

  • i love getting notes from kelly. last semester especially, when we were only suitemates, finding cards on my desk – just because – was the sweetest thing!
  • she gets, giggles at, and [[hopefully]] appreciates all of my quirks. i never have to apologize for who i am when i’m around her.
  • her taste in music is like no other. thanks to kelly and the woman inside of her car that controls her ipod, i have been exposed to the likes of sigur ros, deathcab for cutie, and emmanuel moire – just to name a few. i’m on my way to being cultured!
  • she is the beatrice to my dante.
  • she is also the only other person i’ve met who will sing along to ‘mmmbop’ with me, or will gladly sit on a living room floor and sway to nickle creek. =)
  • this girl stayed three hours with me in a germ-ridden, trashy emergency room. now that’s friendship.
  • i never had to go a day of spring break without getting a call or text message from her. :)
  • as the student grader for my french class, she always writes smiley faces in flashy gel pen colors on my worksheets. it makes my lack of fluency in the language easier to bear. :)
  • surviving freshman and sophomore year with me makes kelly a saint. she sits through my pity parties, crying sessions before civ tests, and snooring like a trooper.
  • kelly brought our pinata-daughter, sandra, into the world last fall. parenting with her is a dream come true.
  • my niece kaitlyn adores kelly, so i know she must be a good gal. my sweet niece often tells me, “kelly and me are buddies!” too cute!
  • this girl is stylishhh. it’s refreshing not to be embarassed while in public with her.
  • at one time in my life, i was terrified to let my closest friends know bits and pieces of my past. whether she knows it or not, kelly helped me ease out of that – without ever looking at me with a judgmental glance.
  • she stood up for me when a few of the kids we work with at church said some very hurtful things, and i’m fairly certain they learned not to mess with either of us after that. :D
  • okay, so introducing me to and actually getting me to join twitter was one of her best moves.
  • she doesn’t complain about my stinky shoes, even though i know she wants to…
  • we’ve made a plan to visit iceland after graduation, and i wouldn’t want to traverse that country with anyone else!
  • she lets me keep the the sheets of of her daily ‘peanuts’ calendar for my tesol portfolio. so generous.
  • we often grab a $6.99 pizza from mazzio’s on monday evenings, in which we split the cost. even though i get a topping only on my half of the pizza, she never complains about getting charged for part of it as well.
  • kelly and i co-teach conversation labs with obu’s international students. she is so great about getting the paperwork side of our job done, which makes my end of the work so much smoother.
  • hearing words of affirmation is always good for a girl’s heart, and kelly often tells me i’m beautiful – even when i’m not!
  • her handwriting is gorgeousssss.
  • and she’s photogenic!
  • we’re about to play ‘guess who,’ a board game likely meant for children 6 and up – but we have no shame. who else would spend their thursday night trying to figure out my gender and age?!
  • one sunday night when i returned to the dorm from a weekend at home, she had sweet tea and macaroni & cheese from mcalister’s waiting on my desk. that almost made up for her extensive criticism about my book and movie collection.

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