the thursday thirty, issue eight.

with a very heavy heart, i learned earlier this week that a girl i paged at the state capital with in high school was killed by a drunk driver. erin was a beautiful, outgoing, and kind individual whose impact continues to be far-reaching. knowing His plan for her life was carried out in the most perfect way still seems so difficult, and thinking of all the things she will now never get to experience is almost inescapable. but i do know one thing she’s up to right now that she wouldn’t trade for anything, and that’s sitting at His feet. today’s thursday thirty consists of 30 things i hope He allows me to do before my time is up. erin accomplished so much in her twenty years here, and i desperately want to start doing the same.

  • graduate from obu with honors.. and summa cum laude :D
  • spread the Gospel in the 10/40 window
  • teach english as a second language, both in the u.s. & abroad
  • be the best aunt i can be
  • climb the eiffel tower… or ride the elevator :)
  • live debt free [*ahem* as soon as student loans are through.]
  • write a book
  • ride in a hot air balloon
  • fall in love & seal the deal
  • visit an alpaca farm :D
  • memorize more scripture
  • fill my passport with many journeys
  • minister to those hurt by human trafficking
  • see a shooting star
  • have babies!
  • provide a loving & warm home for the ones i love
  • live a healthy life
  • master another language
  • learn to listen more & talk less
  • backback [somewhat!] through europe
  • go to iceland with kelly =)
  • serve at an orphanage
  • go on the amazing race, baby
  • plant a garden
  • build a home near granny & papa’s farm
  • work for a sending agency that facilitates missionary work
  • learn to paint
  • keep a handwritten journal for my kids
  • take up photography
  • give up wasteful complaining

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  1. crossprocessed

    For the Amazing Race, I would go with you! We would be an unstoppable team!!!And Photography is a really good hobby. I love it. :)

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