twenty years in twenty lines.

i often want to kick myself for having so many “list” entries, but i just couldn’t pass this one up! mandy got the ball rolling with her 30 years in 30 lines a couple of days ago, and i figure it’s a good investment of a few minutes’ time. :)
in twenty years of life, i have:

  • learned that i’m never too old to be tucked in by my mama
  • shot many a’ bulls-eye with my dad & our .22’s
  • caught my fair share of fish from farm ponds & lakes
  • been crowned prom queen
  • said farewell to a few heroes & loves
  • set foot on foreign soil twice before graduating high school
  • represented oklahoma at a world leaders summit in washington, d.c.
  • touched the liberty bell
  • played countless rounds of phase ten
  • spent many sweet hours cuddling with my nieces
  • learned how easy i really have it
  • been inside the oval office
  • figured out what i will live & die for
  • broken hearts
  • been published
  • nearly lost my accent after living in seattle for one month
  • busted my forehead wide open at a grocery store
  • had my heart broken
  • poured life into youth at
  • remained a loyal hanson fan :D

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