the thursday thirty, issue thirteen.

in honor of our final day here at oklahoma baptist university for the fall semester (yes, finals are finally OVER!), i decided to dedicate this week’s thursday thirty to 30 of obu’s biggest fashion trends – whether hits or misses, they’re quintessentially obu, y’all. my fellow bison will likely nod their heads as they scroll through the list. :)

  • booty shorts and ugg boots: can someone please explain this one to me? :-/
  • no toenail polish: i noticed this one more prominently during my freshman year. it’s cool if you don’t wanna wear hooker red polish, but if you’re nails have a yellow tint.. it may be beneficial?
  • toms shoes: a trend i’m pleased to partake in! i’ve noticed, though, that most toms-wearing boys on campus wear them even after holes appear and their toes begin to protrude from said holes. slightly disturbing, but frugal too.
  • chaco sandals
  • bare feet: you read that right. when not wearing toms or chacos, our resident hippies prefer to trek around campus with nothin’ on their soles. looks painful.
  • long skirts
  • cardigans
  • shorts with cardigans
  • caps: apparently a girl’s go-to item for bad hair days?
  • bows: they’re coming back in style, girls, thanks to our school’s own ‘bows for hos’ business. :D
  • bump-its: can’t lie, i’ve tried ’em. :O
  • vera bradley: we chickees are crazy about her patterns. them little wallet things with key rings on ’em are quite popular.
  • tights with gym shorts: again, a style which puzzles me.
  • tank tops with strapless dresses/blouses: ’cause we’re all about modesty here. ahem.
  • beige slip-on shoes
  • white v-neck shirts
  • nalgene water bottles: we’re all about living green, if there are cute colors and patterns involved.
  • carrying coffee mugs to class
  • north face: meh.
  • t-shirts with skirts: apparently it’s all the rage.
  • hammocks: if i wasn’t terrified of rolling out of one the second i try to hop on, i might try it. ’til then, i’ll just watch the hippies tie some up between the trees by the library. :)
  • skateboards: ride ’em, carry ’em to class, prop ’em up by the door of your civ room.
  • skinny jeans & flats: obviously, the word preceeding ‘jeans’ sorta eliminates me from participating in this particular fashion trend.
  • bikes: i wish i still knew how to ride one.
  • sperry’s: if only i could afford some.
  • nose rings
  • rainboots: with jeans tucked in, of course.
  • headbands
  • the obu claw: my roomie coined this term, referring to the excessive use of one’s hands in conversation that obu students – girls, especially – tend to employ. it can get outta hand.
  • an engagement ring: that’s right! you too can achieve a ‘ring by spring.’ unless you’re too busy cramming greek words and historical facts into your brain like some of the rest of us. :D


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4 responses to “the thursday thirty, issue thirteen.

  1. Wait, wait, wait… you don’t know how to ride a bike?

  2. i do, it’s just not pretty. :)

  3. I wear Chacos and I’m not a hippie. Just sayin’.

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