cancer schmancer, issue three.

it’s almost christmas, y’all! rumor is that we might even have a white one on our hands here in oklahoma, though i’m not holding my breath too tightly. :)

this afternoon, i’ll be taking my parents up to the big city, where mom will undergo some preliminary tests/procedures for tomorrow’s lumpectomy. the surgery itself is scheduled for10:15 tomorrow morning, and should be a fairly quick event! after the tumor has been removed, the surgeon will also extract tissue surrounding it to be tested for any additional cancerous cells. if any are detected within her sentinel lymph nodes, these and additional tissue areas will also be removed, and she will have to stay overnight at the hospital. if no other cells are discovered, though, she’ll be released just a few hours after recovery! please join us in prayer for a speedy, smooth procedure, and an easy recovery process following the surgery.

we’ll be returning home to the country as soon as she’s up to it, and we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone there in a few days! pray for mama’s strength, so that she can enjoy the holiday and her grandkids as much as possible – and pray that i don’t screw up our christmas dinner to enormously. :D love you guys and your fervent prayin’!


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