three cheers for auld lang syne.

what a year, y’all!

2009 wasn’t at all what i expected it to be, and i type that with much more joy than sadness. here’s a look back at what the year brought to me and mine.

  • took my first j-term class & visited a hindu temple
  • got twitter :)
  • worked the obu phonathon, talked to some very interesting alumni, & won some prizes
  • watched my friends, kyle & katie, get hitched!
  • turned 20 & forever lost the ‘-teen’ attached to my age
  • took my first trip to the ER in a good, long while
  • served at all things baby with my SWITCH kids
  • finished my second semester of civ (!!!)
  • said ‘so long’ to dorm living
  • drove my sister to the hospital to give birth, & welcomed ari jade into the world!
  • served as a mama at super summer again
  • worked at‘s staffkids summer program, & had a blast with a bunch of school-age kids – who kicked my tail at laster tag & other activities
  • served alongside my church’s youth staff for the summer
  • finally set foot in the warren theater
  • worked the kiddie cars at the mountain view free fair :D
  • hit the jackpot at remington park
  • got my wisdom teeth yanked out – & paid for the procedure with my jackpot winnings
  • turned into a crazy person post-anesthesia
  • began my junior year of college :0
  • moved into an on-campus apartment
  • worshipped with hillsong united in the flesh
  • learned a biblical language
  • met the twelve irish tenors :D
  • got my first fancy phone, baby
  • started serving with the edmond campus tech team on pro-presenter
  • walked in race for the cure with the best people ever
  • learned my mom has breast cancer
  • learned to rely on His hope more than ever before
  • snow tubed down the ramp at bricktown ballpark
  • took care of my mama for a change, after her first surgery
  • celebrated ari’s first christmas!
  • learned that my mom will face another hurdle in her fight with cancer
  • changed dozens of diapers & fixed a bajillion baby bottles for the little munchkin
  • told some awesome bedtime stories
  • grew

what did you learn or do this year that you’ll never forget?


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