the thursday thirty, issue fifteen.

i smiled so widely as i wrote this week’s edition. i’m lucky enough to have four nieces, thanks to my two older siblings. i’m convinced genetics were completely on our side too, for our girls are some of the most gorgeous faces to ever appear on this planet. my brother, who is one of the world’s best fathers, and his wife have sydni kate and zoey grace, who turned four this summer.

eleven days before the twins were given to us in 2005, my phenomenal sister & her hubby had kaitlyn belle – and this may, i drove her to the hospital to have sweet ari jade.

so much potential and endless joy is found in their tiny faces. anything can happen for them. they’re brave and they’re adventurous and they’re kind. among many others, here are 30 things i want for my nieces.

  • to fully grasp the height & width & depth of the Father’s love
  • the opportunity to travel
  • an absence of bullying during their most tender years, from those with hardened & destructive hearts
  • to pursue passionately what they’re called to do
  • to learn to drive a stick shift
  • an ethic of hard work
  • to grow into influential leaders
  • simplicity
  • a love for reading
  • for nothing to be simply handed to them, but instead to hunger so much for something that they make it happen
  • a holy burden
  • to remember & preserve their heritage
  • a man who is compassionate & good-hearted – if they choose to have one :)
  • responsibility with money & a desire to act with good stewardship
  • an awareness that they can always go home
  • to release perfectionism, worry, & negativity
  • to recognize their own beauty & that of others
  • a willingness to risk
  • laughter
  • to parent their children as lovingly & brilliantly as their own parents have
  • to surround themselves with diverse people whom they can love & learn from
  • the ability to forgive themselves
  • to learn & thirst for knowledge
  • hope
  • a mentor
  • to forgive others who hurt them
  • to appreciate all of life’s little pleasures
  • to learn how to mourn with those who mourn, & rejoice with those who rejoice
  • dreams & visions for their futures
  • gratitude


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2 responses to “the thursday thirty, issue fifteen.

  1. P.Selvaraj

    So exahustive list.Wow!Praise the Lord!

  2. P.Selvaraj

    Noble goals!

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