cancer schmancer, issue five.

tonight, our family gets to release a small sigh of relief.

early friday morning, my mom underwent a double mastectomy to get the proverbial ball rolling on kicking cancer in it’s you-know-what. she’s so, so brave. when we arrived at the hospital at 6 am, some of our dearest friends surprised us with their calming, comforting presence. they drove two hours to be with us well before dawn, to laugh and reminisce with us in the pre-op room, and pray over mom before her procedure began. that gift to us is so priceless.

the surgery itself was, this time, without surprises! but it would be many long hours before any of us were able to lay eyes on mom, as her blood pressure remained too low for her to be moved from the recovery area until nighttime. in the last three days, mom has had to overcome so much pain and discouragement. it isn’t going to subside for awhile, either, and i hate acknowledging that. watching her hurt is the hardest thing yet. in all of her discomfort and searing pain, i’ve never once heard a complaint or feeling of defeat escape her lips. she is, hands down, my hero. has been, and always will be.

this isn’t the path of treatment we previously anticipated, and it shatters my heart that she has to give up so much in order to beat this disease. but she is beating it, and she will press on through upcoming cycles of chemotherapy and absences from the career she loves. please, don’t forget to pray for us.

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2 responses to “cancer schmancer, issue five.

  1. In all things, he is still and always will be our sweet and dear King who loves us so much.

  2. P.Selvaraj

    Such patients need a lot of prayer support.

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