cancer schmancer, issue six.

lumpectomy? check. unexpected double mastectomy? check. four rounds of chemotherapy? check. six weeks of radiation? in progress.

my mom is thirty days away from being done with this cancer business. she is bald and beautiful, and she is truly is the same as she’s always been – just with a much shorter morning routine now. :)

in mid-march, we discovered dad has prostate cancer. can you say holy crap three times fast? i learned this news while in line for a rollercoaster at disneyland with my sweet friend jordan, who was also non-coincidentally with me when i learned of mom’s cancer last november. He certainly knows who to place in our presence when life happens. i was livid. i was terrified. and i was so forgetful of what God could do. daddy has one of the tiniest tumors one can imagine, and is being treated with daily oral meds for the time being.

just like mama, he’s gonna be fine.

now surely cancer will take a break from our family for awhile, won’t it?



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2 responses to “cancer schmancer, issue six.

  1. God will always be there for you and He will always provide what you need and will never give you more than you can handle. This is a hard thing to remember when times or tough. That is why God gave us friends to remind us.

  2. You have done it once more. Amazing article.

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