life has arrived.

this week has been, in one word, wild. monday evening, i set out to get an oil change with my friend and roommate jessica, and never made it. i was rear ended with a vengence at the intersection of boomer and husband here in stillwater by a chick my age, and the days following have been filled with phone calls, faxes, and other fun insurance endeavors. it’s been a fiasco, of sorts, y’all. but i’m reminded of how much worse it could have been, and i’m thankful that a dangling bumper, bent exhaust pipe, and a backache are all that resulted!

yesterday, after coming to terms with the fact that i’m nearing the point of being broke as a joke (okay, that may be a hyperbole, but you get the picture) and scrambling to secure any odd jobs i can over the next several weeks to sumplement my income, i was greeted by this in the office parking lot:

i laughed, cried, sat on the curb, and called my amazing brother – who thankfully lives here, was home at the time, and came to change my tire within minutes. have i mentioned my family’s the best?

all this to say, life has arrived with full force this week. it’s just the way things are, and sometimes it all truly does pile up at one time. life’s messy, it’s unpredictable, and it takes no prisoners. but it’s still a good ride. so after i let out a big sigh and toss some pity party confetti in the air, i’ll smile and shake my head, remembering that this is just one day out of thousands more.

God’s still good. He’s still here. He’s healing my parents of cancer, He’s providing for me with unexpected means, and He isn’t too big to care about these little mishaps of mine. i’ll be alright, and so will you. take heart today, and be brave in Him.



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3 responses to “life has arrived.

  1. LeAnn Griffin

    I would start this with how are you, but your post explains that :) Just wanted to let you know that here at the Griffin home, we call those “character building days” :)
    Keep that beautiful smile!!!

    Best days

  2. LeAnn: I love your optimism.

    Taylor: “God’s still good. He’s still here.”

    When life is in full swing as you have experienced it can be hard to have this view, that He is still here. But he is.

    Praying for you and your family!

  3. I think we all have those weeks … or months … where everything goes wrong! I hope things get better.

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