in spirit and in truth.

i love watching other people worship. there are so many means with which we can creatively express gratitude and surrender.

but let me be honest, y’all: it irks me when worship leaders say, “raise your hands” to those standing or sitting before them.

i’ve served in a phenomenal youth ministry for almost three years, and have heard this spoken from the stage from various worship leaders to our students several times. i’ve observed this, of course, in other ecumenical settings as well, but it seems as if it bothers me more in an atmosphere of youth than elsewhere. each instance, it’s a fight with my flesh to keep from letting out a heavy sigh or rolling my eyes. i guess i’m just uncomfortable with someone instructing young worshippers to express something that the Spirit may not be provoking each one to do. i know it’s a completely innocent and well-intended utterance that seems to chap me so, but it’s also loaded phrase. without explaining in detail to students what worship is, and what raising one’s hands means, are we not failing to show them what an authentically worshipful life is? it is more than music, it is more than song. and lifting our hands is just one of a thousand ways to praise Him from our hearts.

which leads me to my next thought: how do you personally worship? i’ve always swayed and moved during worship music, and i love to close my eyes and hold my hands close to my chest while i chew on the words. i also move my right leg in a weird way to the beat. :) during prayer, be it coorporate or alone, i often turn my hands up and open them to heaven. and when studying scripture, i sometimes read passages aloud to speak truth into a situation.

what are your favorite ways to express worship to Him?



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5 responses to “in spirit and in truth.

  1. We’ve discussed this recently at the Church I attend. About how the Spirit moves and always after the message it’s like oh awesome raise your hands woohoo hype. Is it because we are restricting the Spirit from moving before. No we aren’t controlling the Spirit, because God moves on His own. As a worship leader I have been guilty with saying loaded phrases in the past, but more recently I have been convicted in realizing that the Spirit moves on His accord, not on my wishes.

  2. i have to say… i am an emotional worshiper…as i feel it i do it…. i don’t care what others think…its not for them….. i wave my hands, clap, sing…and yell AMEN! if the spirit moves me…he is the best…so i give him my best…


  3. theodidaktos

    As for me, I tend to count the beat with my feet, a little something I picked up from leading worship at the Deaf church. From time to time, my hands are lifted as I sign. This is by far the most common way for me to worship.

    If I’m reading Scripture on my own and I come across something I look at twice, I usually read it aloud to figure out why it caught my attention.

    Often times when praying, my head is not bowed but lifted heavenward (eyes closed).

  4. I am more so a quiet worshipper. I like to find him in nature and the things all around me, and when I write I feel it is him and I spending quality time together. Him writing through me.

    I also love to listen to Christian music, but I like my quiet time in the morning before the day begins. keeps me centered.


    Hannah Katy

  5. mskelli

    Youth ministry is tough. My husband and I have talked so many times about how it seems like so many singers, speakers and leaders are phony. So much of it seems forced. Like telling people to raise their hands.

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