cancer schmancer, issue seven.

she’s done.

today marks mom’s very last radiation appointment, and the end of her road of treatment altogether. hallelujah!! in early august, she’ll have a follow-up appointment with her oncologist to do a PET scan and some other tests to confirm what we already know – she’s in remission.

i can’t tell you how proud of her i am, and how brave i believe she is. i wish each of you were lucky enough to know her, but those of you who do will recognize exactly the kind of spirit i’m talking about. :)

if you’ve breathed any sort of prayer on our behalf since november 6th, thank you. if there ever was a day i doubted the power that lies in interceding for another, i’ll never have to wonder again.

please continue to pray for mom as she gets back into the swing of things, especially as a new school year comes around in august. as you can imagine, adjusting to everything that’s been done to her body over the past seven months has been insane. remember her in prayer while we’re still making our way out of the woods. also pray for our dad, that his body would continue to respond to daily meds, and the cancerous cells in his body would disappear.

each of you are a gift that we treasure. We love you.



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3 responses to “cancer schmancer, issue seven.

  1. Brooke

    Yay! What an exciting milestone! Have fun celebrating tonight and have a safe trip to CANADA! :)

  2. randy morgan

    i’m praying with/for you, taylor.

  3. That’s great news. I know everyone in your family must be so relieved.

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