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over it?

in the last two years, i’ve often caught myself thinking i’ve finally forgiven someone, that i’ve reached the proverbial “i’m over it” point. it feels good for a few moments, ya know? it seems like my heart is back to normal, and that i won’t ever again revert back to a feeling of dread each time i think about how i was wronged. well, i’ve never remained that way. some memory will eventually lead me back to that day i can’t shake, and a spark of anger emerges once more. why do i continue to hand over power like this? why am i spending more energy on that moment than the one who did the hurtin’?

so my question to y’all is: how do you know when you’re “over it,” that you’ve finally and fully forgiven someone? have you experienced this release, or are you like me – unsure of how to accomplish it and searching for the seemingly simple answer?

“forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heal that has crushed it.”  // mark twain



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