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all things are better in koine, y’all.

φιλεω Κοινή, y’all.

this semester marked my first course in elementary greek at obu, which blew me away. thankfully, i had a few fantastic study buddies to ease the journey, and a wonderful professor to boot. this course is one of the most challenging and rewarding ones i’ve ever cracked open a book for, ranking right up there with life of Christ and the infamous year of western civ. learning a biblical language didn’t particularly strike me as possible before coming to college, and if nothing else it appeared too intimidating or time consuming of a task. five months after my first shaky morning of ancient greek, however, i am so grateful that i stepped out of my league and gave it a shot. in one semester, we’ve learned around 180 greek nouns and verbs, mastered studied 6 different tenses, translated a bajillion sentences from the new testament and septuagint, and picked up a whole lotta goodies in between. i’m one happy geek.

though i’m nowhere near being a proficent greek scholar, my friends, i’m thrilled to be continuing my studies next semester, and maybe even into my senior year. which, by the way, will require a few hundred pots of coffee, dozens of stacks of index cards, and many prayers. :) but i look forward to perhaps one day being less and less of a slave to commentaries and translated tidbits, and instead being a little closer to interpreting the Word as the authors of it intended. that’s nice and corny, right?

p.s. here’s a video dr. kelly showed us the very first day of class. i can appreciate it’s kitchyness even better today. :D

what’s been the most challenging and/or satisfying course or skill you’ve ever studied?



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