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the thursday thirty, issue twelve.

i love live music, whether or not it sounds as good as an album cut in the studio. there’s something about seeing a band or artist you’ve spent hours with across the radio waves or through an ipod, perform in the flesh. whether it’s a worshipful atmosphere or a honky tonk-esque red dirt show, i love a good concert. this week’s thursday thirty contains my favorite concerts (maybe a few less than thirty…) in the past two decades!

  • sugarland: in september, my favorite country duo came to okc – so of course, i went with my girls! i think the 6,000 other rednecks present would agree that they put on a dang good show.

  • hillsong united: this show in tulsa in august was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. hands down one of the most intense three hours of worship i’ve ever experienced. if you’re familiar with them at all, you’ll know exactly what i mean. :)

  • randy rogers band: this red dirt night with my childhood friends lindsey and ryan was one of the funnest shows. yeah yeah, it was at a casino, and yeah yeah, i later watched the band blow $1,000 at the blackjack table. it was basically a scene right out of almost famous, y’all.

  • cross canadian ragweed/stoney larue/asleep at the wheel: another red dirt night, in which an old racetrack out in the country housed the stage. we trekked through mud and endured another herd of crazy rednecks for this’n. seeing my high school art teacher there was a trip.
  • hanson: listen y’all, these blonde boys were my first true love(s). i’ve seen ’em twice with my best friend from childhood, and they never disappoint. *sigh*
  • reba mcentire: bahahaha. reba was my first concert, around the tender age of 6 or 7. i recall two things most clearly: reba coming onto the stage in a plane (yeah, baby, you read that right.) and stuffing torn up pieces of a maxi pad to use as impromptu ear plugs. (yeah, you also read that right.) that’s how we roll.
  • nickel creek/amy grant/vince gill: this was a gorgeous christmas concert my mom and i went to, and it was also where we signed up to sponsor our child from compassion international!
  • lifehouse/jars of clay: these two bands are constantly rolling across my ipod, and their show one week after september 11th was such a glorious one.
  • cheap trick: mmhmm, i’m hip to the oldies.
  • chris tomlin: one of my favorite worship leaders… and my worship leader crush. listen, i kept myself under control during both concerts of his i’ve attended. you should be proud.
  • charlie hall: my friends and i had the privilege to attend his latest cd release concert. i love worshipping to this guy’s tunes.
  • nichole nordeman: she’s. my. hero.
  • dierks bentley: i got to see this little hearthrob live after his first cd was released, while at fan fair in nashville. he was just as cute then, take my word for it.
  • robbie seay band: here at obu, we put on a concert each august before the fall semester begins, called ‘saturday in the park.’ this year, robbie seay and his boys performed for us and were sublime.
  • jami smith: jami’s a worship leader i’ve had the privilege of meeting several times, but her christmas concert for teachers in 2007 was by far my favorite. it was such a pleasure to share the evening with my mother (a fifth grade teacher), sister, and niece.
  • fan fair: in high school, my best friend and i spent a week in nashville for fan fair (thanks to my sweet mama!), seeing every country music star imaginable. hollerrr.

what’s the best concert you’ve ever attended?



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