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life has arrived.

this week has been, in one word, wild. monday evening, i set out to get an oil change with my friend and roommate jessica, and never made it. i was rear ended with a vengence at the intersection of boomer and husband here in stillwater by a chick my age, and the days following have been filled with phone calls, faxes, and other fun insurance endeavors. it’s been a fiasco, of sorts, y’all. but i’m reminded of how much worse it could have been, and i’m thankful that a dangling bumper, bent exhaust pipe, and a backache are all that resulted!

yesterday, after coming to terms with the fact that i’m nearing the point of being broke as a joke (okay, that may be a hyperbole, but you get the picture) and scrambling to secure any odd jobs i can over the next several weeks to sumplement my income, i was greeted by this in the office parking lot:

i laughed, cried, sat on the curb, and called my amazing brother – who thankfully lives here, was home at the time, and came to change my tire within minutes. have i mentioned my family’s the best?

all this to say, life has arrived with full force this week. it’s just the way things are, and sometimes it all truly does pile up at one time. life’s messy, it’s unpredictable, and it takes no prisoners. but it’s still a good ride. so after i let out a big sigh and toss some pity party confetti in the air, i’ll smile and shake my head, remembering that this is just one day out of thousands more.

God’s still good. He’s still here. He’s healing my parents of cancer, He’s providing for me with unexpected means, and He isn’t too big to care about these little mishaps of mine. i’ll be alright, and so will you. take heart today, and be brave in Him.



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comeback kid.

four months ago, i dropped off the face of the blogging planet.

it’s good to be back, y’all.

what’s happened since february, you ask? so much. my mom began and finished chemotherapy like a champ. i spent my spring break in california with one of my closest girlfriends. while standing in line at disneyland, i learned my dad has prostate cancer. my junior year of college wrapped up before i knew it, and my youngest niece ari jade turned one year old. i’ve traveled this state hitting every red dirt concert known to man with my sweet friend jen. i began a summer job at oklahoma state university, and i’ve successfully dodged two tornadoes so far this season. are you worn out yet?

i’m praying this summer will see a faithful return to writing and preserving on paper (or computer screen?) what He is using to catch my attention, the things that make me cock my head to the side in wonder, and the moments which give me the deepest belly laughs imaginable. with a new job and a five week assignment as a student missionary in quebec, this should surely be attainable, right? :)

besides these things, i want to dive headfirst into issues and topics that matter to you, and that matter to Him. got an idea for a blog post or series to be featured at wild hope? share it with me – and check back throughout this summer to join the conversation.


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three cheers for auld lang syne.

what a year, y’all!

2009 wasn’t at all what i expected it to be, and i type that with much more joy than sadness. here’s a look back at what the year brought to me and mine.

  • took my first j-term class & visited a hindu temple
  • got twitter :)
  • worked the obu phonathon, talked to some very interesting alumni, & won some prizes
  • watched my friends, kyle & katie, get hitched!
  • turned 20 & forever lost the ‘-teen’ attached to my age
  • took my first trip to the ER in a good, long while
  • served at all things baby with my SWITCH kids
  • finished my second semester of civ (!!!)
  • said ‘so long’ to dorm living
  • drove my sister to the hospital to give birth, & welcomed ari jade into the world!
  • served as a mama at super summer again
  • worked at‘s staffkids summer program, & had a blast with a bunch of school-age kids – who kicked my tail at laster tag & other activities
  • served alongside my church’s youth staff for the summer
  • finally set foot in the warren theater
  • worked the kiddie cars at the mountain view free fair :D
  • hit the jackpot at remington park
  • got my wisdom teeth yanked out – & paid for the procedure with my jackpot winnings
  • turned into a crazy person post-anesthesia
  • began my junior year of college :0
  • moved into an on-campus apartment
  • worshipped with hillsong united in the flesh
  • learned a biblical language
  • met the twelve irish tenors :D
  • got my first fancy phone, baby
  • started serving with the edmond campus tech team on pro-presenter
  • walked in race for the cure with the best people ever
  • learned my mom has breast cancer
  • learned to rely on His hope more than ever before
  • snow tubed down the ramp at bricktown ballpark
  • took care of my mama for a change, after her first surgery
  • celebrated ari’s first christmas!
  • learned that my mom will face another hurdle in her fight with cancer
  • changed dozens of diapers & fixed a bajillion baby bottles for the little munchkin
  • told some awesome bedtime stories
  • grew

what did you learn or do this year that you’ll never forget?

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joy and the unknown.

as an almost twenty-one year old, there’s one colossal question that i’m asked without fail by anyone i’ve just been introduced to, or by people from my hometown who are curious as to what my expensive education at obu is going to produce: what are you going to do after graduation? and to be honest, i want to change my answer depending on what day it is and what direction my heart is being yanked to at any given point in time. there’s no way i can put it all into one nice, simple sentence! because it isn’t the shortage of ambition that scares me the most about my future after snatching that diploma; it’s the fact that there are so many things i want to do and be and achieve, and the fear that there’s no earthly way i can do it all.

i want to work at my church in some capacity. i want to teach english overseas as a platform for sharing the love of Christ. i want to serve with the north american mission board and infiltrate the darkest burroughs and street corners of our own nation. i want to work with refugees and immigrants to the united states, helping them adjust to life in america and to cope with our lifeboat mentality toward them. i want to teach english to speakers of other languages in american civic centers, and tutor candidates for citizenship so that their exam isn’t such a terrifying task. i want to be a writer. i want to publish a cookbook. i want to work with victims of human trafficking and establish homes that protect and prevent girls from being taken into the trade. i want to meet the love of my life, seal the deal, and have some babies. i want to be a missions mobilizer and take passionate, short-term teams overseas. i want to lead small groups and mentor college students. i want to serve the persecuted church and share their stories with the Body. i want the goal of my life to not be arriving at death safely.

surely i can squeeze that all in during the next 60 years, right? :) whatever doors He thrusts open for me, i want to enter through them with a clear vision of His goals and with a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline. i sometimes have to remind myself that not knowing exactly which experiences He’s outlined for me and in what order is exciting.

anything can happen, y’all.


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twenty years in twenty lines.

i often want to kick myself for having so many “list” entries, but i just couldn’t pass this one up! mandy got the ball rolling with her 30 years in 30 lines a couple of days ago, and i figure it’s a good investment of a few minutes’ time. :)
in twenty years of life, i have:

  • learned that i’m never too old to be tucked in by my mama
  • shot many a’ bulls-eye with my dad & our .22’s
  • caught my fair share of fish from farm ponds & lakes
  • been crowned prom queen
  • said farewell to a few heroes & loves
  • set foot on foreign soil twice before graduating high school
  • represented oklahoma at a world leaders summit in washington, d.c.
  • touched the liberty bell
  • played countless rounds of phase ten
  • spent many sweet hours cuddling with my nieces
  • learned how easy i really have it
  • been inside the oval office
  • figured out what i will live & die for
  • broken hearts
  • been published
  • nearly lost my accent after living in seattle for one month
  • busted my forehead wide open at a grocery store
  • had my heart broken
  • poured life into youth at
  • remained a loyal hanson fan :D

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