passions – those people, causes, or burdens that are the objects of our enthusiasm. i got a few o’ those.

the A21 campaign

 roughly 2 to 4 million persons are trafficked in and across borders each year – the majority of them women and children forced to work in the sex industry. girls as young as 5 are forced to service up to 20 men per day, though this number is often considerably higher. victims live in confining and unsanitary conditions, subjected to physical abuse, sleep deprivation, malnutrition, forced abortions, and disease. the A21 campaign is committed to abolishing slavery in the 21st century, by taking legal action against this crime and rescuing/rehabilitating its victims. go to the website, educate yourself on this horrific injustice, and learn about what you can do to combat it right from your own backyard.

 compassion international

my mom and i have been involved with compassion for many years now, and have watched our sponsored child – vilma, from guatemala – blossom into a beautiful young woman. for $38 per month, a life can be changed forever. compassion serves children worldwide, releasing them from their spiritual, economic, and physical poverty, while also enabling them to become responsible and fulfilled adults – all the while sharing the love of Christ.

families of martyrs fund

it’s hard to imagine, but more followers of Christ are being imprisoned, tortured, and killed for their faith today than in the earliest centuries of the Church’s existence. voice of the martyrs, headquarted in my home state, seeks to share the stories of the persecuted church and give aid to Christians in hostile or restricted nations. families of martyrs is one of vom’s projects aimed at providing financial assistance and encouragment to families left destitute by the imprisonment, exile, or death of one or both of the family’s providers because of their faith. in 2010, i hope to begin giving to this fund regularly. won’t you join me in praying and caring for our brothers and sisters in chains?

blessed earth

i firmly believe that God has given us this planet to look after and excerise good stewardship toward – and showing the love of Christ by showing love to His creation is powerful. if creation care is a passion of your heart as well, blessed earth has a ton of great, practical resources for the journey.

now that i have seen, i am responsible; faith without deeds is dead. // brooke frasier


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